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Residency Information

Thanks to an agreement between the Confraternidad Evangelica de Honduras (Evangelical Fraternity of Honduras) and Honduras' Secretary of the Interior, obtaining temporary residency for missionaries is now a much simpler, faster, and less expensive process.  As Honduran Fellowship is a member of the Confraternidad Evangelica, we can now provide this legal service for our members.


Under this agreement, the legal process can be done without hiring a lawyer.  Missionaries who become members of the Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries receive the benefit of a member of our staff walking an applicant through the process and spending the necessary time communicating with immigration on behalf of the missionary. There is an administrative fee of $800, plus $40 per adult which covers the cost of a background check.  If the couple has children, an extra charge of $50 per child is collected for the translation of documents.  A fee of $101 per person per year of residency requested is paid to the Department of Immigration. (Missionary residency can be from 1-5 years.)  All fees are to be paid up-front to HFMM.

Current law states that with a missionary residency, regardless of how many years are purchased (usually 5 is the best), a constancia must be presented each year at the time of renewal from the NGO serving as the covering for that missionary.  Honduran Fellowship can provide this documentation for our members.


If you would like more information concerning the residency process through Honduran Fellowship, please contact John Mattica.  If you would like to pursue membership through Honduran Fellowship, fill out the application form to become a Residential Member.

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