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STEP 1: See our FAQ page for more information

Once you have looked through the FAQ page, go ahead and complete the steps below!  Don't forget that you must first complete the registration form and then pay for your tickets via PayPal to secure your place at the HFMM 2024 Beach Retreat.


STEP 2: Fill out the registration form

Click the button below to fill out the registration form.  The access/promo code was sent to you via email. Please complete the registration form for all members of your family who will be attending the retreat (including babies).

Step 3: Make your payment

Immediately after you've filled out the registration form, don't forget to come back here and use the button below  or the QR code to make your payment. 

As a reminder, the fee is $85 per adult and child aged 13 and up.  Children ages 0-12 are free. If you choose to stay in your own home the fee is $35 per adult and child aged 13 and up.


* Please use this PayPal link to make your payment, not the links that are used for paying membership dues or residency fees.  If you have already been approved for a scholarship to attend you may skip this step.*


Location: Hotel Palma Real
La Ceiba, Honduras

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