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What We Believe

Statement of Faith


Though there are many denominations of Christianity, the one thing that binds us together is Jesus Christ, the Son of God through whom salvation comes and by whom the door to eternal life with God is opened.  Our membership is open to any missionaries who share these core beliefs:


We believe:

In the Bible, the inspired Word of God: God-breathed and authoritative;

In one God, eternally existent in the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;

In the redemption of our sins through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who willingly died for the sins of the world, having lived a sinless life, and defeated death once and for all as He rose from the grave three days later;

In salvation ​unto eternal life, ​by grace through faith, not of our own works;

In the Church​,​ as the body of all believers who have put their faith in ​salvation through ​Jesus Christ;

That the ​calling of all believers is to glorify God and proclaim the ​Good ​N​ews of God’s salvation to the world.

That marriage was created and sanctioned by God in which He joins one man and one woman in an exclusive union.

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