Executive Director & Human Resources Director

The Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries is a ministry that has long been in the heart of John and Adriana Mattica. Since their arrival in 2002, they quickly noticed they were not the only missionaries in Honduras. They also found many of these missionaries were tired, burning out, and most of all, feeling alone. In 2009, the Mattica’s started this new ministry with the purpose of promoting unity among missionaries through the creation of a network of communication and a commitment to helping each other as co-laborers of the Kingdom.

John is responsible for the leadership and overseeing the programs and strategic plan of the organization. He also manages the day-to-day operations including committees and staff.  Contact him for Honduran Fellowship policies, all residency questions, and applications for donation processing.


Public Relations & Event Coordinator

Adriana serves as a liaison between HFMM and the community-at-large and, specifically, potential members, current members and volunteers. She also oversees and directs HFMM events, including retreats, general assemblies, regional meetings, staff meetings, and special events.  Contact her for initial membership set up, events ideas and logistics, and ideas/contacts/businesses/items for sale/discounts that HFMM may offer to its members. 


Communications & Data Coordinator

Melodee Webb has been living in Honduras since she graduated from college in 2002.  She was a computer teacher for 9 years at Academia Los Pinares, until deciding to stay at home with her 3 kids, Juliana, Levi and Isabella.  She has been married to her husband Kyle since 2008. 

 Melodee has been volunteering for HFMM since 2011.  Her job is to support all staff and members in the area of collecting, organizing, and storing electronic versions of member data and other resources.  She also maintains general communication with Honduran Fellowship members in regards to information, events, resources, etc.  Contact her for membership renewal, information on events or help with registration, changes in information, and posts for the website or Facebook group or page.


Director of Member Care

Marcy Fenn began volunteering with Honduran Fellowship in the fall of 2011 and is the Director of Member Care.   She is married with four children (2 in the States and 2 in Honduras) and has been a missionary in Honduras since 2008.  She currently resides in Santa Lucia (outside of Tegucigalpa). 

Marcy got involved in member care is because she saw a disconnect between what missionaries needed and what was available to them.  From her own experiences of being kicked out of a ministry, having to find a new place to live in 3 weeks with a family of 6, living in the countryside and then the city, and transitions involving physical moves and changes in ministry, she wished there was help with conflict resolution, processing dashed expectations, understanding transition and culture, and even the practical items such as how to cook with limited or substitute ingredients and where to find a dentist.  It then became her mission, in helping others answer the call of God on their lives, to figure out not only what missionaries needed to know, but to create a support system of resources, trainings, and help so they did not have to walk out their calling alone and so they can walk out their calling with joy.


Member Care Team

Gordon MacKenzie began volunteering with the Honduran Fellowship in 2017.  He is married and has two grown, married children and one grandchild. He and his wife have been “empty-nesters” now for almost 8 years.  They have been in Honduras since 2014.


 Gordon came to Christ in his mid-30’s, graduated from Bible College at 40 yrs old, was a Senior Pastor for 7 years, obtained his Master’s in Counseling Psychology at 49 yrs old, then was an Associate Pastor in a second church for 5 years before moving to Honduras. From the time they felt called to come to serve in Honduras, he had struggles & challenges with the transition. He struggled and sometimes still does, with the many losses, cultural adjustments and transitions that come along with moving to, and working in, a cross-cultural setting. Not to mention, attempting to learn a 2nd language in your 50’s.

 He got involved with the member care team as a counselor because he has a passion for relationships:  to see them healthy, strong and growing.  Being a part of this team and serving missionaries has given him another way to serve here in Honduras and helped him to make even better sense of his call to Honduras.

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The Executive Council

Our Executive Council consists of:

John Mattica, Adriana Mattica,

Ileana Molina, Ed Schubert,

Mac Youngblood, Mark Hoff,

& Don Lynn