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Short Term


Marty & Christa Smith

Mission 9:22 | Orica

Serving the world with the love of Jesus

  • Hosting teams

  • Hospital visits

  • House building

  • Discipleship

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Michael & Ginger Greene

Monte de Horeb Ministries | Pavana

Allow North Americans to work alongside local Honduran churches in bringing glory to Jesus Christ while striving to respect the Honduran people, churches, and culture

  • Evangelism

  • Home construction

  • Pastor conferences

  • Local Honduran church retreats

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Nathan & Aimee Lofgren

SALTeams | Comayagua

Partnering with laymen to bring underprivileged children & families hope through education, sustainable agriculture and infrastructure

  • Coordinating short-term teams to fulfill our vision statement.

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