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September 2023

You are invited to attend our first-ever all-inclusive HFMM Beach Retreat at Hotel Palma Real in La Ceiba! This is an opportunity for you, HFMM members and your families, to get away from your ministry and connect with each other for a few days.

While HFMM loves to provide retreats to our members at no cost, there will be a small cost to attend this particular retreat.  We are offering you a “Buy One Night, Get Two Free” price for adults and kids ages 13 and up.  You pay for one night and HFMM will cover the cost of your other two nights as well as the entire cost of children ages 12 and under.  

  • Children and Adults ages 13 and up: $75 a person

  • Children ages 12 and under: FREE

  • If you live in the area and would prefer to stay in your own home, your cost will only be $25 per person (ages 13 and up).  You will receive a Day Pass for you to be able to attend the retreat, eat meals with us, and have access to the beach and pool facilities during the free times.

* We would respectfully ask that if you attended the Retreat in Valle de Angeles in March that you wait to register for the September Retreat until others have had a chance to do so.  Also, if you cannot attend the entire retreat, please wait until August 7th to reserve your spot, to give priority to those who can.  The cost of the retreat will be the same whether you attend all 3 nights or not.

STEP 1: See our FAQ page for more information

Once you have looked through the FAQ page, go ahead and complete the steps below!  Don't forget that you must first complete the registration form and then pay for your tickets via PayPal to secure your place at the September 2023 HFMM Beach Retreat.


STEP 2: Fill out the registration form

Click the button below to fill out the registration form.  The promo code was sent to you via email. Please complete the registration form for all members of your family who will be attending the retreat (including babies).

Step 3: Make your payment

Immediately after you've filled out the registration form, don't forget to come back here and use the button below  or the QR code to make your payment. 

As a reminder, the fee is $75 per adult and child aged 13 and up.  Children ages 0-12 are free. If you choose to stay in your own home the fee is $25 per adult and child aged 13 and up.


* Please do not use our regular PayPal links for membership dues or residency fees.​ *


Location: Hotel Palma Real
La Ceiba, Honduras

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