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Orphanages, Homes
Foster Care


Diana Ward

Little Blessings | Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Bring a little piece of heaven to suffering children

  • Foster mother to a special needs child for 7 years

  • Volunteer at Pan-American Health Services assisting with the rehabilitation and development of malnourished children and at a therapeutic/educational center for children with special needs


Haley Janssen

The Children's Home Project | El Progreso

To increase the love, safety, nourishment, educational opportunity and hope in the lives of children in Proniño Children's Home

  • Directora Fundacion Proniño

  • TBRI Practitioner

  • Trauma Training



Jeremy & Jaimee Stansell

Yolany's Hope | San Pedro Sula

Provide support, education, and opportunity to orphans and other vulnerable kids in Honduras and Latin America

  • Operating Casa Hogar Luz

  • Education scholarships to bilingual schools

  • Short term exchange student trips to USA for bilingual Honduran students

Website | Facebook


Kevin & Melissa Goodwin

Ascend International Ministries, Inc. | Tegucigalpa

Carrying and preaching the Message of the Kingdom of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ to all peoples

  • Outreach and foster care


Kolby Palmer

Ministerio Cristiano Mama Tara | Puerto Lempira

Discipling the children at Mama Tara Orphanage to show them from the Bible and through actions what it's like to live godly lives - to follow in the likeness of Jesus

  • Biblical Counselor/Tutor



Linda Collins

Mama Tara Miskito Orphanage | Puerto Lempira

Providing for the physical and spiritual needs of Miskito Indian children of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras

  • Children's home

  • Family assist program

  • Mercy & Grace Preschool

  • Feeding program

Website | Facebook


Lisa Bradley

Bethesda Home for Boys | Balfate

Rescuing children from the streets, gangs, and extreme poverty situations. Offering hope, love, home, and education in a farm/ranch setting so the child, in turn, can become a strong Christian leader wherever God may send him.

  • Mentoring youth

  • Agriculture program

  • Outreach programs in the dump communit


Marie Jones

ROC Ministry | El Cacao

To bring faith, hope, and love to the children of Honduras

  • Orphanage

  • Child evangelism

  • Short term teams

  • Local church

  • Discipleship



Michael & Karen Vincent

Outstretched Hands Ministries, Inc. | Tegucigalpa

See souls reconciled to God, the Father, by faith in the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ and set free by the power of the Holy Spirit from the bondage of fear and addiction

  • Have a safe and secure home for girls coming from hard lives



Michael & Lisa Brenner

La Casa del Camino | Puerto Lempira

Encourage hope of a future, stress the love of Christ, and provide the opportunity for boys to grow in their God-Given potential, spiritually, mentally and physically

  • Operate a boys home that provides housing, nutrition, Bible Studies, and homework help



Paula Colbath

Hope Farm | Siguatepeque

Make disciples

  • Loving and caring for children

  • Training (education and life skills so that Hondurans can feed themselves)

Website | Facebook


Roxanne Turnipseed

Tranquilidad Foundation | Quimistan

To manifest the love of Jesus Christ as we provide care, love, protection, and a home to the orphaned, neglected, and/or abused children and youth of the Quimistan Valley in Honduras

  • Provides 24/7 care for children while living in a family setting with a foster family

Website | Facebook


Tara Johnston

In transition | Tegucigalpa

Seeing successful transitions of young people moving out of children's homes into independent living

  • Currently in transition - working toward a project to offer housing and support to young people transitioning out of an institutional children's home to give them an opportunity of a future

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