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Orphanages, Homes
Foster Care


Amanda Crow

Hope Children's Home | El Progreso

Help those in need and minister the word of God

  • Teacher in the children's home

  • Cottage assistant helping the house parents with day-to-day activities

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Daniel & Alyssa Lopez

Impact Ministries International | Comayagua

Providing children and families dignity through empowerment by loving them and helping them to know their Eph. 2:10 identity and calling in Christ

  • Facilities maintenance

  • Translation

  • Short-term outreach

  • Working with children in the orphanage



Diana Ward

Little Blessings | Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Bring a little piece of heaven to suffering children

  • Foster mother to a special needs child for 7 years

  • Volunteer at Pan-American Health Services assisting with the rehabilitation and development of malnourished children and at a therapeutic/educational center for children with special needs


Haley Janssen & Daniel Mejia

The Children's Home Project | El Progreso

To increase the love, safety, nourishment, educational opportunity and hope in the lives of children in Proniño Children's Home

  • Directora Fundacion Proniño

  • TBRI Practitioner

  • Trauma Training



Jeremy & Jaimee Stansell

Yolany's Hope | San Pedro Sula

Provide support, education, and opportunity to orphans and other vulnerable kids in Honduras and Latin America

  • Operating Casa Hogar Luz

  • Education scholarships to bilingual schools

  • Short term exchange student trips to USA for bilingual Honduran students

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Kevin & Melissa Goodwin

Ascend International Ministries, Inc. | Tegucigalpa

Carrying and preaching the Message of the Kingdom of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ to all peoples

  • Outreach and foster care


Kolby Palmer

Ministerio Cristiano Mama Tara | Puerto Lempira

Discipling the children at Mama Tara Orphanage to show them from the Bible and through actions what it's like to live godly lives - to follow in the likeness of Jesus

  • Biblical Counselor/Tutor



Linda Collins

Mama Tara Miskito Orphanage | Puerto Lempira

Providing for the physical and spiritual needs of Miskito Indian children of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras

  • Children's home

  • Family assist program

  • Mercy & Grace Preschool

  • Feeding program

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Lisa Bradley

Casa Bethesda | Balfate

Rescuing children from the streets, gangs, and extreme poverty situations. Offering hope, love, home, and education in a farm/ranch setting so the child, in turn, can become a strong Christian leader wherever God may send him.

  • Discipleship

  • Farming

  • Community outreaches


Marie Jones

ROC Ministry | El Cacao

To bring faith, hope, and love to the children of Honduras

  • Orphanage

  • Child evangelism

  • Short term teams

  • Local church

  • Discipleship



Michael & Karen Vincent

Casa de Abby | Tegucigalpa

Rescue, Nurture, Defend, Empower

  • Providing a safe, nurturing, and permanent loving home where young girls, who have suffered physical and sexual abuse, can heal, grow, and become confident young women empowered to make a difference in their world



Michael & Lisa Brenner

La Casa del Camino | Puerto Lempira

Encourage hope of a future, stress the love of Christ, and provide the opportunity for boys to grow in their God-Given potential, spiritually, mentally and physically

  • Operate a boys home that provides housing, nutrition, Bible Studies, and homework help



Pete Witner

Send Me Isaiah 6:8 | Comayagua

Help those in need and minister the word of God

  • Serving in the kitchen at Impact Ministries International



Roxanne Turnipseed

Tranquilidad Foundation | Quimistan

To manifest the love of Jesus Christ as we provide care, love, protection, and a home to the orphaned, neglected, and/or abused children and youth of the Quimistan Valley in Honduras

  • Provides 24/7 care for children while living in a family setting with a foster family

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