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Complete the steps to renew your membership:

Don't forget to complete every step,
in order!


Check your email for the category and link for your ministry description.  Go to this link and check if all the information (including the picture) is up-to-date. 

Make a note of any changes that should be made when go you to Step #2.

***If your picture is out-of-date, email a recent, good-quality photograph to Melodee Webb***

Click to complete the Member Update Survey.  This is also where you will us know about any changes that need to be made to your ministry description.

When you finish, you will receive an email confirmation.  Please keep this email until we have confirmed that you have completed the entire Membership Renewal process.


Confirm payment

Forward the confirmation email that you receive from PayPal to Melodee Webb.

Click to join the HFMM Facebook groups

(If you're not currently a part of them)

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