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Amanda Metcalf

Clinica Betania | Siguatepeque

  • Medical provider with a local clinic


Christopher & Heather Meatyard

Commision To Every Nation / Harvest Honduras | Utila

Inspire, equip, support, and disciple Hondurans to live in God's purpose

  • Opening a birthing clinic and a surgery center to better serve the island


Dean & Melissa Lowman

Heaven's Reach Ministries | La Esperanza

Teach people that life comes from God's love and empower them to become disciples who make disciples

  • Medical missions - mobile medical clinics, hospital renovations, sustainable healthy living

  • Agriculture - Victory Farms

  • Conferences and Youth Outreaches

  • Light of the World School of Missions


Dr Chan & Myung Hee Jeon

Sharing Together Dentistry | San Pedro Sula

Serve the Lord, for His glory

  • Teaching dentistry and the Bible to dentists, working together with short-term mission teams


Dr. Hun Lee & Dra. Soon Ryol Yang

Paul Mission | San Pedro Sula

Helping people and providing them with needed supplies

  • Traveling to churches to give medications


Dr. Raoul Morin

Roatan Mission | Roatan

  • Providing pediatric and medical services throughout Roatan



Esohe "Grace" Iyamu-Osagiede

Grace In Action | Siguatepeque

Showing God's grace through medicine

  • Independent missionary physician providing the best medical care with available resources to those who need it



Faith Colbath

Faith in Honduras | Siguatepeque

Providing compassionate Christ-centered healthcare to mothers and babies through labor, delivery, and postpartum nursing. Secondly, sharing God's love and encouraging community development through relationships in tutoring children, working with families, and mentoring youth in Villa Alicia.

  • Volunteering three days a week as a nurse with SiguaMedic, a birthing clinic that partners with the local public government-run clinic.

  • Tutoring twice a week at Hope Farm

  • Mentoring young teenage girls in Villa Alicia


Gary & Suzanne Loggins

Healing Honduras | Roatan

Healing the Whole Person, Healing the Whole Island

  • Healing the body: By meeting essential medical needs through diagnostics and education

  • Healing the soul: By sharing the good news of Jesus and supporting local communities of worship

  • Healing the community: By helping them develop the skills necessary for sustainable development

Website | Website | Facebook


Haille Krieg

Medical Missions | Tegucigalpa

Studying medicine to serve the rural communities of Honduras and introduce them to the Healer of their bodies and souls

  • Medical school student



John Ward

Honduras Baptist Dental Mission | San Manuel & La Esperanza

Using medicine as a magnet to draw people in

  • Lead medical, dental, optical, construction, sports brigades, and VBS teams

  • Seminary

  • Evangelism

Website | Facebook


Nikoah Crowe

Clinica Betania | Siguatepeque

Providing medical services to patients with limited economic resources while seeking opportunities to share the hope of spiritual healing in Jesus Christ

  • Nurse



Sheree Lynch & Juan Carlos Romero

Centro Medico Monte Sinai - MarketPlace Ministries | Catacamas

Sharing Christ's love while providing access to quality medical care

  • Daily patient care

  • Surgical placement program for children with congenital defects

  • Clinic administration

  • Outpatient surgical program

  • Medical staff training

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