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Alan & Julie Topper

Harvesting Hearts in Honduras | Campamento

  • Rice & beans ministry to facilitate door-to-door evangelism

  • Support and encourage existing churches

  • Church planting


Brad & Cristy Lenderman

Hope Through Him Ministries  | El Progreso

Bring the helpless, hurting, and hopeless HOPE through the love and teachings of Jesus

  • Dream Center in downtown El Progreso

  • Feeding centers in 2 remote communities

  • Leadership program for elementary-age students in Campo Llano

  • Education partnerships to assist in furthering education

  • Coffee Shop in El Progreso (Cafe Esperanza) "Where everyone belongs"



Cheryl & Jim Shoffstall

Right Turn Ministries | San Pedro Sula

Nurturing the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Honduras through 4 very clear, basic tactics: Feeding the Spirit, Nourishing the Body, Educating the Mind, and Life Improvement Sustainability

  • Establish and support small group in-home Bible Studies

  • Provide meals for those attending Bible Studies

  • Provide educational opportunities for the children whose parents are active participants in Bible Study groups

  • Offer Life Improvement Sustainability opportunities for those in the community

Website | Facebook


Christopher Ellis

Knowing Love Ministries | La Ceiba

Creating a system of ministry training schools that teach faith and how to operate in the gift of the Holy Spirit

  • Holding crusades in 3 cities in Honduras



Colby Smith

Wellspring of Life | San Manuel

Teaching life skills (specifically agricultural) to help give better opportunities to succeed in life

  • Working with and taking care of ministry horses

  • Assist with other projects (construction, fencing, woodwork, metalwork, plumbing, mechanic work, etc.) as time permits

Website | Facebook


Darrell DeLay

Helping Honduras Kids | Cofradia

Love the unloved, give faith to the faithless, and hope to the hopeless

  • Meet spiritual and physical needs

  • Educate this generation and the next in ways to make them more productive for their future

  • Equip Hondurans to support their families without having to leave their country in search of a better life

  • Prepare and disciple Hondurans in God's word so they can learn how to fulfill the calling God has over their lives



David & Hannah Mora

SCORE International | San Pedro Sula

To glorify God through missions in obedience to the Great Commission

  • Intensive discipleship course for local churches

  • One-day camps in private/public schools

  • Evangelism & purity seminars

  • Hosting US and foreign teams


David & Heather Granada

Bread for the Bight | Roatan

  • Church plant

  • Building relationships, worship, Bible study, prayer

  • Feeding program

  • Helping to meet the need of impoverished people


David & Meg Camp

SERAN School / Spoken Worldwide | San Pedro Sula

  • Teacher at SERAN School

  • Using an oral method to build discipleship relationships and coach people to tell the Bible to people who don't read, both in Honduras and throughout Latin America and the world



David Koch

Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. | Comayagua

Make disciples of the revelation of Jesus Christ

  • Education, teaching, and service of any who are interested in the pursuit of a true and connected relationship with Jesus Christ


Gene & Robin Trask

Iglesia Bautista de la Biblia | Cauquira

Reach the lost in the region of La Moskitia, thru personal daily witness and passing out tracts, Bibles, and scripture portion

  • Strengthening and helping La Iglesia Bautista de la Biblia and other Baptist churches in this area by preaching the Word, teaching Bible doctrines and practical Christian living, and teaching the young people and children in Sunday School and children's programs (choir, camps, special activities, etc.)

  • Training Miskito men to be pastors, deacons, and spiritual leaders in the church and their homes, thru the Instituto Biblico Bautista Miskito 


Gene & Robin Willis

Heart of the King Ministries | La Esperanza

Sharing the heart of the King, Jesus Christ, by teaching and demonstrating Biblical truths in rural areas of Honduras. See people set free from their past and walk forward in a relationship with our heavenly Father.

  • Assisting other missionaries with their vision

  • Seeking the Lord as we plan ministry activities



Greg & Jean Hines

Family Health & Development Foundation Honduras | La Campa

Working together to responsibly meet physical and spiritual needs by providing advanced education opportunities, Bible teaching, and evangelism with a focus on people with physical disabilities of all ages

  • Evangelism & outreach

  • Discipleship

  • Student scholarships

  • Short-term mission teams



Hee-sung & JungLeen Ahn Park

ONNA Mission, Iglesia Coreana | San Pedro Sula

Planting the vision of God in the hearts of all generations in Honduras and serving as stepping stones to all who desire to plant that vision here in Honduras

  • Church planting throughout Honduras

  • Equipping and aiding pastors through seminary schools (Esperanza, Trinidad)

  • Raising future leaders  through various ministries: Bilingual School Hosanna in Maranon, Pastors Kids ministry, Children ministry, Pastoral Ministry with pastors from Cortes Area

  • Engaging with local pastors for compassion ministry, prison ministries, and single-mom ministry


James & Sandra Murphy

Agape Love Global Ministries | El Portillo

Reach the lost and equip the body

  • Serve at Promise Home Children's Home

  • Lead short-term missions teams

  • Pastoral training & ordination

  • Church planting

  • Training Honduran missionaries to preach the Gospel

Website | Facebook


James (Dalton) & Jennifer Hines

Inter-American Restoration Corporation | Santa Ana

Spreading the Word of God through leading, teaching, and living as an example of Jesus’ love through our actions

  • Discipleship/church strengthening

  • Retreat center

  • Men's educational programs

  • Youth spiritual strengthening & retreats


Jessica Ozanne de Ruiz & Rene Ruiz

Wellspring Of Life / Cornerstone Christian Ranch | Cortes

Educate and equip with the Word of God

  • Equine programs manager within the ministry consisting of a bilingual Christian school, athletics, and fitness program, and agricultural education ranch

Website | Facebook


John & Beverly Atkins

Mission Revive Inc | Roatan

Foster a Christ-centered lifestyle on the island of Roatan, Honduras through love, training, and discipleship

  • Church development

  • Community outreach

  • Helping curb the cycle of poverty through education and entrepreneurial development


Joshua & Paulet Otte

Hope In Time Ministries | Taulabe

Supporting and disciplining Hondurans to understand and walk in their God given dignity of being made in His image and empowering them to empower others to do the same

  • Improve communities through outreach programs such as: digging wells, fixing roofs, pouring cement floors, providing running water to homes, water filters, education scholarships



Justin Hollinger

Por Que No Tu | San Antonio de Cortes

To disciple and empower Hondurans to be the hands and feet of Jesus 

  • Child sponsorship program



Keith & Vickie Crowder

A Call Inc | Siguatepeque

To share the Gospel and be the hands & feet of Jesus Christ

  • Discipleship

  • Pastoral training

  • Feeding Program

  • Youth programs

  • Starting a Christian Campground


Kimberly Pate

In the Midst Ministries | Talanga

To evangelize and disciple the people of Honduras by living life in the midst of them

  • Church planting

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism


Kyle & Shannon Kilchrist

Kingdom Missions - SCORE International | Siguatepeque

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples who will make disciples, serving God’s people both spiritually and physically, and being the “hands and feet of Jesus.”

Website | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Giving


Larry & Marsha Bannister

Hope for the World Honduras | Tegucigalpa

Meet the physical and most importantly the spiritual needs of the Honduran people

  • School Feeding ministry

  • Discipleship classes

  • Community outreach

  • Evangelism

  • Short term teams


Mark & Vilma Hull

Servants of the King Ministry | Choluteca

Create multitudes of churches that are discipled, trained, equipped, and capable to go and win and disciple multitudes of souls for Jesus Christ

  • Public School Bible Project (Proyecto Amor) 

  • Church plants

  • Housing projects

  • Child Sponsorship

  • Evangelism and Pastoral Training


Michael Morelli

Morelli Ministries International | San Pedro Sula

Bringing Hope to the Poor and Powerless

  • Feeding projects

  • Community care outreaches

  • City-wide gospel campaigns

  • Outreaches into remote territories

Website | Facebook


Michelle Crotts

Ministerio Pasos/Campamento Bautista Converge | Tegucigalpa

Provide quality Christian camping experiences to people with disabilities throughout Honduras, giving them the opportunity to participate in new experiences, socialize, have fun, learn and grow in Christ in an environment of safety, accessibility, inclusion, and love

  • Design and lead camps for the disabled community

  • Development of Campamento Bautista Converge

  • Train volunteer leaders

  • Lead ladies Bible study


Moon Jae Choi

Evangelism ministry | Las Flores

Evangelizing villages without churches to show the love of God and Jesus Christ

  • House visits to build relationships

  • Worship services

  • Music and soccer activities


Paul & Kay Newby

Mercy in Motion | Balfate

Empowering local pastors, and demonstrating the love of Jesus through community outreach

  • Church planting

  • Medical missions

  • Discipleship and training

  • Pastoral support


Randel & Esperanza Parker

Honduras Bible and Trade School | La Ceiba

  • Minister the gospel and help with provisions and any other way possible

  • Teaching Bible and English


Randy & Marisa Peterson

PUREFIRE Ministries & Missions International | San Pedro Sula

Preach the Kingdom of God and make Disciples

  • Counseling

  • Apostolic missionary work

  • Children's refuge center

  • Helping widows, orphans, and the poor


Sam & Peggy Feazel

Ignite Missions | Tatumbla

Reading villages for Christ and training them to disciple others

  • Women's retreats

  • Pastoral training

  • Youth and children events


Susan Crawford

The 600 | La Ceiba

Express the glorious nature of God, as revealed in the person of Jesus, through loving him with all of our being and loving our neighbor as ourselves

  • Working with the current ministry activities on campus, pursuing work in agriculture and community development

  • Using nursing to encourage and facilitate learning about naturopathic medicine and basic health maintenance in the community



Tai Heon Ham

Always Together In Jesus | Las Flores

Evangelizing villages without churches to show the love of God and Jesus Christ

  • House visits to build relationships

  • Worship services

  • Music and soccer activities

  • Youth group service


Tiffany Mares

Via Love International | San Pedro Sula

To serve and support local churches that have God-given vision preparing and empowering them to reach their communities for Christ

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

  • Leadership development

  • Resource Development

  • Worship ministries


Timothy & Maria Setliff

A New Kind of Dad Ministries | La Ceiba

Demonstrating and sharing the love of Jesus

  • Church Sunday School teacher training program

  • Weekly children's ministry for evangelism and discipleship

  • Food bags for Christmas outreach

  • Clothing ministry.

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