Focus on reaching people for Jesus, teaching them to be fully committed to Him and then sending those people out for ministry and mission in their communities and around the world

  • Currently in language school

  • Planting Celebrate Recovery Internationally

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Celebrate Recovery International

Tyler & Lorenda Adams

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

To foster a Christ-centered lifestyle on the island of Roatan, Honduras through love, training, and discipleship

  • Church development

  • Community outreach

  • Helping curb the cycle of poverty through education and entrepreneurial development

Mission Revive Inc

John & Beverly Atkins

Roatan, Bay Islands

To meet the physical and most importantly the spiritual needs of the Honduran people

  • School Feeding ministry

  • Discipleship classes

  • Community outreach

  • Evangelism

  • Short term teams

Hope for the World

Larry & Marsha Bannister

Tatumbla, Francisco Morazan

Engaging and encouraging Hondurans, ex-pats, missionaries and guests through quality relationships and gospel-centered conversations for the glory of God

  • Property managers at Paradise Regained

  • Biblical discipleship

  • Missionary respite and counseling

  • Christian and public school education

  • ESL classes

  • Small group Bible studies

  • Orphan care ministries

Together for the Gospel

Scott & Stephanie Benedict

Utila, Bay Islands

  • Street Evangelist

  • Facilitator to various churches

  • Helping churches and missionaries

Siloam International

Randy Campbell

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Evangelizing villages without churches to show the love of God and Jesus Christ

  • House visits to build relationships

  • Worship services

  • Music and soccer activities

Evangelism ministry

Moon Jae Choi

Las Flores, Lempira

To disciple youth and young adults in Latin America through meaningful relationships and equip them for Christ-focused ministry

  • Young Adult Discipleship

  • Honduran Scout Patrol Assistant Scoutmaster & Chaplain

  • Education and Mentorship

  • Missionary Care and Support

CTEN: Commission to Every Nation

Truett Corbin

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Provide quality Christian camping experiences to people with disabilities throughout Honduras, giving them the opportunity to participate in new experiences, socialize, have fun, learn and grow in Christ in an environment of safety, accessibility, inclusion, and love

  • Design and lead camps for the disabled community

  • Development of Campamento Bautista Converge

  • Train volunteer leaders

  • Missionary care

  • Lead ladies Bible study

Campamento Bautista Converge

Michelle Crotts

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan

To share the Gospel and be the hands & feet of Jesus Christ

  • Discipleship

  • Pastoral training

  • Feeding Program

  • Youth programs

  • Starting a Christian Campground

A Call Ministry

Keith & Vickie Crowder

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth and communities in Honduras

  • Evangelism, teaching preaching

  • Pastoral Support

  • Feeding Program

  • Youth programs

  • Host short-term teams

A Call Ministry

Josue Cruz & Magnolia Crowder de Cruz

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

To reach villages for Christ and train them to disciple others

  • Women's retreats

  • Pastoral training

  • Youth and children events

Ignite Missions

Sam & Peggy Feazel

Tatumbla, Francisco Morazan

Let God be known to everyone by focusing on bringing health to others (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)

  • Teaching Christian values, discipleship, and evangelism

  • Pediatric nurse

  • Teaching at seminaries about first aid and health care

Beginning later 2019: Centro Asistencial de Formación Familiar Integral (CAFFIN)

Connie Flores

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

  • Church plant

  • Building relationships, worship, Bible study, prayer,

  • Feeding program

  • Helping to meet the need of impoverished people

Bread for the Bight

David & Heather Granada

Roatan, Bay Islands

Exalt Christ and engage people in mission by proclaiming the gospel, doing good, and equipping the church

  • Mentor leaders that are serving at their churches and supporting their pastors

  • Training churches to facilitate Bible studies using chronological storytelling method called "Simply the Story"

  • Partnering with Ignite Mission with training, evangelism, and discipleship

Ignite Missions / Global Outreach International

Michael & Katherine Grant

Tatumbla, Francisco Morazan

Bring in sinners, raise up saints, and send out servants of Jesus Christ

  • Personal relationships

  • Evangelism

  • Discipleship

  • Training of servant leaders

Here I Am Ministries

Tim & Barbara Heston

Comayaguela, Francisco Morazan

To encourage and equip national leaders so that they will grow in their knowledge of and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ so that they can impact their families, communities, and the world for Christ

  • Outreach

  • Family Crisis Care

  • Community Development

  • Church Planting

  • Teaching & Discipleship


Frontline Missions

Gregory & Jean Hines

La Campa, Lempira

Spreading the Word of God through leading, teaching, and living as an example of Jesus’ love through our actions

  • Discipleship/Church Strengthening

  • Retreat Center

  • Regional Youth Rallies

  • Well Projects

Inter-American Restoration Corporation

James (Dalton) & Jennifer Hines

Santa Ana, Francisco Morazan

Create multitudes of churches that are discipled, trained, equipped, and capable to go and win and disciple multitudes of souls for Jesus Christ

  • Public School Bible Project (Proyecto Amor) 

  • Church plants

  • Housing projects

  • Child Sponsorship

  • Evangelism and Pastoral Training

New Beginning Baptist Mission

Asten & Vilma Hull

Choluteca, Choluteca

Using the international language of soccer as a tool, the goal is to break generational chains of sin, poverty, addiction, and spiritual lostness in tough places around the world

Buena Vista Sports Academy of Travesia

Carter Jackson

Puerto Cortes, Cortes

To help others physically and to lead them to know God

  • Addiction counseling, family counseling, prayer ministry, music ministry, and outreach ministry


Robert & Jacklyn Kermott

Roatan, Bay Islands

Make disciples of the revelation of Jesus Christ

  • Education, teaching, and service of any who are interested in the pursuit of a true and connected relationship with Jesus Christ

Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.

David Koch

Comayagua, Comayagua

Bring the helpless, hurting, and hopeless HOPE through the love and teachings of Jesus

  • Dream Center in downtown El Progreso

  • Feeding centers in 2 remote communities

  • Leadership program for elementary-age students in Campo Llano

  • Education partnerships to assist in furthering education

Hope Through Him Ministries

Brad & Cristy Lenderman

El Progresso, Yoro

To serve and support local churches that have God-given vision preparing and empowering them to reach their communities for Christ

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

  • Leadership development

  • Resource Development

  • Worship ministries

Via Love International

Tiffany Mares

San Pedro Sula, Cortes

To glorify God through missions in obedience to the Great Commission

  • Intensive discipleship course for local churches

  • One-day camps in private/public schools

  • Evangelism & purity seminars

  • Hosting US and foreign teams

SCORE International

David & Hannah Mora

La Lima, Cortes

Empowering local pastors, and demonstrating the love of Jesus through community outreach

  • Church planting

  • Medical missions

  • Discipleship and training

  • Pastoral support

Mercy in Motion

Paul & Kay Newby

Balfate, Colon

  • Minister the gospel and help with provisions

  • Teaching the Word of God through the Bible and with His music

  • Work in prisons

Family Missions International

Randy Parker

San Pedro Sula, Cortes

​To evangelize and disciple the people of Honduras by living life in the midst of them

  • Church planting

  • Discipleship

  • Evangelism

In the Midst Ministries

Kimberly Pate

Talanga, Francisco Morazan

Training/empowerment of people by God's Word in Western Honduras through gospel saturation, discipleship, and mentoring

  • Prison Evangelism

  • Women's Discipleship

  • Children's Sunday School Ministry

  • Pastor empowerment through mentoring

Perez Family Harvesters

Billy & Inez Perez

Gracias, Lempira

To Preach the Kingdom of God and make Disciples

  • Counseling

  • Apostolic missionary work

  • Children's refuge center

  • Helping widows, orphans, and the poor

PUREFIRE Ministries & Missions International

Randy & Marisa Peterson

San Pedro Sula, Cortes

To demonstrate the love of Jesus

  • School outreach for evangelism and discipleship

  • Food distribution program

  • Conference outreach to women & pastors

  • Clothing ministry

A New Kind of Dad Ministries

Timothy & Maria Setliff

La Ceiba, Atlantida

Create disciples and minister to the whole person relationally

  • Church planting and strengthening

  • Discipling

  • Emergency medical help

For His Kingdom Missions

Reed & Kimberly Skinner

Mateo, Francisco Morazan

To live out the love and hope of Jesus Christ by serving, teaching and equipping the local leadership to carry out the great commission in Honduras

  • Village ministry with church leaders

  • Teach/mentor at a bilingual Christian School

Slyker Family Ministry

Richard & Bridget Slyker

Gracias, Lempira

Living Jesus' life of humble love that the glory of God might be revealed

  • Serve subsistence farmer neighbors in agriculture development projects, help construct water simple gravity-fed potable water systems and generally serving neighbors by living among them and responding to needs in God's love as they arise

  • Discipleship through weekly Bible club events, Grupo Discipulado Bible study, and living and serving at Campamento Audulan (Campus Adullam)

  • Provide university scholarships

  • Publish a podcast called Culture Z Podcast and maintain several blogs aimed at encouraging English-speaking believers from a third world perspective

Great Oaks International

Larry & Allison Smoak

La Ceiba, Atlantida

Reach the lost in the region of La Moskitia, thru personal daily witness and passing out tracts, Bibles and scripture portion

  • Strengthening and helping La Iglesia Bautista de la Biblia and other Baptist churches in this area by preaching the Word, teaching Bible doctrines and practical Christian living, and teaching the young people and children in Sunday School and children's programs (choir, camps, special activities, etc.)

  • Training Miskito men to be pastors, deacons, and spiritual leaders in the church and their homes, thru the Instito Biblico Bautista Miskito 

Iglesia Bautista de la Biblia

Eugene & Robin Trask

Cauquira, Gracias a Dios

Working to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ globally, particularly in schools, homes, and churches​

Liberty International Missions Inc

Ken & Deanne Vanderwal

San Pedro Sula, Cortes

To glorify God in everything we do, especially sharing the Gospel, discipling Hondurans, and helping them strengthen their relationship with Christ, so that they can, in turn, share Christ with their families, churches, and communities

  • Partnerships with local communities and churches

  • Medical advocacy for individuals in villages

  • Distribution of food packets

  • Coffee House ministry

Wardlow Family Ministry

Frank & Melyssa Wardlow

Gracias, Lempira

Going to the poorest of the poor for they are Christ under the guise of human suffering

  • Teach English

  • Host for short term missions teams

  • Mentor to Pastors and students

Tree of Life Ministries/Arbol de Vida/Plan Escalon

Natalia Walsh

La Entrada, Copan

To share the heart of the King, Jesus Christ, by teaching and demonstrating Biblical truths in rural areas of Central and South America. To see people set free from their past and walk forward in relationship with our heavenly Father.

  • Assisting other missionaries with their vision

  • Seek the Lord and plan additional ministry activities

Heart of the King Ministries

Gene & Robin Willis

La Esperanza, Intibuca