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61 Isaiah Ministries

Main contact: Shannon & Kristi Hopkins | Gracias

Glorify God by sharing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ

  • Working with the Lenca in Western Honduras.  Through building relationships and walking with people, individuals are empowered to break cycles of poverty and become participants in the Great Commission.

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BE Ministries

Main contacts: Kelly & Trisha Lawrence | Guaimaca  

Fulfill God's directive to BE defenders of the cause of the weak and fatherless

  • Bible Institute for pastors and church leaders

  • Church Planters

  • Physical Therapy Teams

  • Special Needs Equipment Program

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Main contacts: Chris & Denyse Williams & Noe Alvarez | Tegucigalpa, Zamorano & Guaimaca

Reach others for Christ and serve them in Christian love to make disciples and establish self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating, culturally relevant churches

  • Medical brigades

  • Children's home & Christian school

  • Hospital

  • Bible Institute

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Casa de Esperanza Ministries, Inc.

Main contact: Lori DeWitt | Siguatepeque

Bring hope to those in need in the country of Honduras

  • Dental, medical, and optical brigades

  • Construction services

  • Operation of transition/education homes

  • Scholarship programs for disadvantaged youth

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Casas Por Cristo

Main contact: Darrell Story | Marcala

Open the door for local pastors and churches to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving

  • Build homes for families that need to be reminded that Jesus loves them

  • Build relationships between volunteers, families, and pastors that would otherwise never have met

  • Build the Kingdom of God by partnering with other local churches and ministries

  • Build opportunities for growth by creating structured experiences that cause volunteers to be stretched beyond their comfort zone

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Clinica Esperanza / Asociacion de Salud Comunitaria

Main contact: Peggy Stranges & Kallie Vallecillo | Roatan

Share the love of God as we serve others in providing:

  • The best possible healthcare available to the underserved people of Roatan.   

  • A Christ-centered environment for our employees, patients, and volunteers.  

  • Further medical opportunities and training for recently graduated Honduran doctors.

  • The opportunity for medical volunteers to have a life-changing experience as they serve using their heads, hearts, and hands.

  • Housing for volunteers, teams, and others in ministry in a Christian atmosphere.


Conferencia Menonita Peregrina

Main contacts: Anita Baugher | Siguatepeque

Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to promote a life of obedience to the Word of God with respect to the Mennonite heritage

  • Children's home

  • Churches

  • Schools


Corazon de Cristo - HOCJusticeProject

Main contacts: R. Gracie Travis Murphree & Lee Murphree | Talanga

Disciple community leaders and government authorities, as well as missionaries, pastors, churches, children, and adults to be the solution to the problem of violence against vulnerable groups and become champions for justice who “Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with their God.”

  • Rescue, care, restoration of victims of violence, and empowerment of justice in their cases

  • Justice center with crisis office, refuge, and training facilities

  • Biblical Justice training for ministries, churches, and the public on prevention and intervention of cases with violence and duplication of Biblical Justice facilities in other areas

  • Training authorities in laws and procedures, and prevention, intervention, and aftercare



First Nations Fund

Main contact: Benjamin Sullivan | Siguatepeque

Provide a faithful clear translation of the Bible in the Mayangna language that is free from copyright restrictions and can be adapted to the dialect groups of the Mayangna language in Nicaragua and Honduras

  • Translate the Bible into the Mayangna language

  • Promote sustainable development in Mayangna communities

  • Provide emergency assistance to Mayangna communities facing natural disasters or other catastrophes

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Gathering Hearts for Honduras

Main contacts: Gary & Cheryl Kuney | Campana

Equip young people to support their families, develop their community, and impact their country for Jesus Christ through the presentation of the Gospel and educational programs

  • Computer, English, Bible, sewing, and woodworking classes for youth

  • Feeding program for children

  • Health and dental care

  • Hosting short-term teams

  • Sports outreach

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Give Hope 2 Kids

Main contacts: Jason & Sarah Furrow | Jutiapa

Committed to raising and educating vulnerable children until they're independent adults with hope for a brighter future

  • Family-style homes to care for orphaned and abandoned kids

  • Weekly youth group for young people from several villages

  • Host short-term teams

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Go to Nations

Main contacts: Garito Stanley & Wyly Gammon | San Pedro Sula

See social, spiritual, and economic renewal in Honduras

  • Training churches in children's ministry

  • Feeding at-risk children

  • Farming project supplying quality food and economic opportunities

  • Training of Latin missionaries

  • Bible school ministry training



Hola Hope

Main contact: Jenni Conrady | La Ceiba

Providing Christ centered care, teaching and resources to the most vulnerable population of Honduras

  • Establish and plant churches in overlooked and hard to reach communities

  • Bringing the message of Hope through evangelism, outreach and church planting initiatives

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Impact Ministries International

Main contact: Teresa Stamman & Lizzy Martinez | Comayagua

A James 1:27 ministry rooted in passionate pursuit of the Father’s heart and compassion for the lost

  • Self-sustaining children's home and mission base

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Instituto El Rey Foundation

Main contact: David & Cindy Sharpless | Rio Viejo

Give hope through a high-quality education with spiritual development

  • Secondary education including Bible classes and weekly chapel

  • Hosting short-term mission teams

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International Christian Fellowship

Main contact: Mark Hoff | San Pedro Sula


Facilitate Christian Community and make disciples among the English-speaking population of San Pedro Sula

  • Sunday morning services

  • Community outreach, evangelism, and discipleship through missions projects and small group engagement

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Joy to the Nations

Main contacts: Joy Dodd | Roatan

Bringing Joy To The Nations through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Discipleship in Biblical Foundations (All ages)

  • Youth and Education (High School/Educational Coaching/Tutoring)

  • Prophetic Evangelism

  • Children’s Leadership Training and Crusades

  • Short-Term Outreaches (Mission Teams)



Jungle Hospital (Healing Hands Global)

Main contacts: Wendy Williams | Rio Viejo

Provide comprehensive medical, dental and spiritual care to the under-served people, developing a comprehensive health care model that can be used in other third-world nations

  • Outpatient facility with inpatient services of Labor & Delivery ward and programmed surgery

  • Host short-term teams

  • Missions Internship Program

  • Health Education program with local schools

  • Residency partnerships with stateside hospitals and medical schools

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La Promesa Honduras

Main contacts: Tamara Robinson | Tegucigalpa

Dedicated to strengthening children, families, and communities who are vulnerable or at-risk

  • Trauma-informed training

  • Deaf Ministry

  • Bible Translations Project for Honduran Sign Language

  • Psychotherapy and counseling

  • Mentoring organizations serving children

  • Promoting the well-being and development of orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children and their families

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Leadership Mission International / The Leadership Center

Main contacts: Karla Mendoza & Ericka Euceda | Villa de San Antonio

See Hondurans taking responsibility for the problems that plague their society by leading positive changes in their communities

  • Operate a post-high school academic institution where English, Leadership, Community Development, and Business are taught from a Biblical worldview

  • On-campus faith-based activities, including morning assemblies, weekly bible studies, church services, and worship nights

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Legacy Mission International

Main contacts: Brooke Pizzati & Katie Moody | Roatan

Share Christ's legacy to those around us

  • Roatan Advocacy Center

  • Church planting & support

  • Discipleship

  • Education

  • Foster care

  • Advocacy

  • Community development

  • New Life Clinic

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Legacy of Hope Foundation

Main contact: Matt Spangler | Santa Rosa de Copan

A Safe and Loving Family for Every Child

  • Foster Homes: Empowering Honduran families to provide safe and loving homes for children in crisis.

  • Crisis Care: Providing a 24-to-72-hour, safe and loving environment to children in emergency crisis situations.

  • Family Preservation: Partnering with other organizations to strengthen and educate families, allowing them to stay together.

  • Consulting: Working with DINAF to shape policies that are in the best interest of children and families.



Micah Project

Main contact: Patrick Corley | Rio Abajo

Provide young men in social risk situations with the spiritual, emotional, academic, and physical resources to transform them into servant-leaders in their family, society, profession, and faith community

  • Street Kids Ministry

  • Street Community Ministry

  • Transition Home

  • Older Street Kids Ministry

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Ministerio Asi Es El Reino

Main contacts: Corie Henderson & Rosy Meza | Yamaranguila

Minister to the physically and spiritually endangered children of Honduras

  • Care for and educate 22 at-risk children

  • Run an 18-acre farm where girls and workers gain skills related to coffee, farm animals, plants, bees, fish, milk production, etc.

  • Community outreach in the form of church support, children's activities, food baskets, and gospel-centered outreach events



Mision Bautista General de Honduras

Main contact: Rodney Walls | San Manuel

Make disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Church ministry with 17 churches in Honduras, a Bible Institute to train pastors and church leaders, a licensed medical clinic, and a children's center

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Mision Internacional El Ayudante

Main contacts: Tristan & Beth Mohagen | Lo de Reina

Growing committed followers of Christ by meeting the needs of our community. Changing Lives, Transforming Communities.

  • Medical and dental clinic

  • Tutoring center

  • Installation of water filters & latrines

  • Short-term teams

  • VBS programs

  • Church outreaches

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Mission Encounters International

Main contact: Reed Dillahunty | Island of Helene

Encountering God, Transforming Lives, Impacting Nations

  • Helene Christian English School

  • Water purification

  • Medical Missions

  • Biblical discipleship

  • Leadership training

  • Short term teams



Mission to the World Honduras

Main contact: John Clow | Tegucigalpa

Bringing grace, love, peace and hope to everyday life in Honduras

  • Church planting in Tegucigalpa

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Missionary Air Group

Main contact: Brad Hoblit | Rus Rus

Utilizing AIRCRAFT to deliver MEDICAL care, relief, and ministry services to REMOTE people groups - showing genuine COMPASSION, after the example of JESUS

  • Operating medical clinic in Rus Rus, which is supported by an airplane



New Desire Christian Ministries

Main contact: Dan & Brenda Robinson | La Ermita & Talanga

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, breaking the cycle of poverty through education and discipleship

  • Sunday and Wednesday church services for both churches

  • Weekly Women’s services

  • Weekly Feeding of children and elderly

  • Educating Ambassadors for Christ Scholarship Program (sponsor approximately 50 children from 1st grade to college)

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OneWorld Health

Main contact: Aaron Stroud-Romero | Siguatepeque

Providing quality, affordable healthcare to people, families, and communities that are caught in the gap between an under-functioning public system and an unaffordable private system

  • Ambulatory facilities in Siguatepeque and Tegucigalpa and medical care in neighboring communities as well as through telehealth consultations

  • Mobile clinic serving the Siguatepeque region

  • TeleClinic services in Portrerillos

  • Seeking to extend further operationally sustainable ambulatory facilities as well as organize medical mission trips as expansion continues in Honduras

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Outstretched Hands Ministries

Main contact: Jeffrey Vanvactor | San Antonio de Oriente

Providing a safe, nurturing, and permanent loving home where young girls, who have suffered physical and sexual abuse, can heal, grow, and become confident young women empowered to make a difference in their world



Roatan Horizons

Main contacts: Deborah Hunnicutt | Roatan

Providing free, Christian education to the people of Roatan based on the belief that education can break destructive cycles and offer hope and that education based on Christ can change everything

  • Samuel Raymond Christian School: Community-based bi-lingual Christian school with an emphasis on serving the English-speaking island community of Sandy Bay. The school currently runs K-11.

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Send Hope

Main contacts: Tom & Sharon Brian & Steven Hosack | Puerto Lempira

Providing a safe, Christian environment for children while providing education, medical, and nutrition needs

  • Supports and assists over 1,500 children in the remote area of La Mosquitia through the House of Hope children’s home, Katrina Engle Nourishment Program, and various other community outreach initiatives

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Main contacts: Kirsten & Rachel Sowers | Gracias

Empowering Honduran pastors and missionaries to reach the lost and make disciples in the remote mountain villages of Western Honduras

  • Transportation for pastors (Motorcycles and Horses)

  • Pastor training school

  • Church roof construction

  • Bible Bookstore

  • Feeding centers

  • Sponsorship programs

  • Short-term mission teams

Website | BlogFacebook


Sparrow Missions

Main contact: Chris Weeks | San Pedro Sula

Compelled to disciple, develop, and educate the forgotten of this world. Believing the words of Christ that “not ONE of them is forgotten by GOD" (Luke 12:6).

  • Sparrow Academy (school for Rancho Bonito community children)

  • Camino Nuevo Program (occupational and educational training program for young adults)

  • Community outreach in two communities in SPS (Rancho Bonito and La Coroza)

  • Iglesia La Coroza

  • Youth group, children's classes, and discipleship groups in both communitites

  • Asilo ministries

  • Short-term teams

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Teach Them To Fish Microindustries

Main contact: John DeLancey | Roatan

Bring tools and expertise of different trades and skills to different churches in the diocese so they can support themselves

  • Working in Roatan with an existing glass fusing group and building a glass recycling shop nearby

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UrbanPromise Honduras

Main contact: Blair Quinius & Jorge Garcia | Copan Ruinas

A community inspiring servant leadership

  • After School Program

  • Summer Camp Program

  • Youth Leadership Program

  • Experiential Learning

  • High School Scholarship



World Gospel Outreach

Main contact: Rachel Wust | Tegucigalpa and San Matias

Impacting the faith of Christ-followers through serving and evangelizing children and the poor

  • Medical Brigades

  • Pastoral Discipleship

  • Care for at-risk youth

Website Facebook


World Harvest Missions

Main contact: Jose Bernal Espinoza

Reaching communities who have been forgotten and forsaken through the planting of churches and private schools

  • Door to door evangelism

  • Kids crusades

  • Clothing/food drives

  • Pastor summits

  • Preaching crusades

  • Visiting churches and providing aid

  • Church plant and school

Website Facebook

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