Community Development


Adria Stamm & Job Gamez

God Makes It Grow

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

To raise up followers of Christ through evangelism and discipleship relationships

  • Sustainable agriculture training

  • Water well repairs 

  • Water filter distributions

  • Youth programs 

  • Radio ministry


Amy & Bayron Velasquez-Allen

Healing Place Church- Honduras

La Ceiba, Atlantida

  • Microenterprise projects with youth in the community in partnership with Healing Place Church


Anthony & Joanna Reese

VillageMade Inc.

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Show the love of Jesus Christ by aiming to break the poverty cycle for the people of Honduras

  • Offering general education and financial literacy classes for adults in Central America

  • Providing opportunities for women in Central America to reach their full potential through learning and the power of work

  • Advocating for children in Central America to enroll and attend school

  • Improving the quality of life for people in Central America through humanitarian assistance and religious programs


Billy & Michelle Chrzan

Crimson Outreach

San Marcos, Ocotepeque

Reaching Out to Those Reaching Up

  • Installation and training for aquaponics systems to grow produce for orphanages, schools, churches, and communities


Chad Sledge

Central American Ministry Outreach

Rio Lindo, Cortes

To improve the quality of personal, community, and spiritual life in impoverished Central American communities

  • Home Building and improvement

  • Infrastructure improvement

  • Disaster relief and recovery

  • K-12 scholarships


Christopher & Heather Meatyard

Commision To Every Nation


  • Doula

  • Water wells


David Ledwitz

Episcopal Diocese of Honduras

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Serve the people of Honduras by focusing on public health projects

  • Community development
  • Clean water projects
  • Construction
  • Support Episcopal Schools of Honduras



Jack Melvin

Ministry of Presence

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan

To build God's house

  • Build schools, churches, and clinics in order to serve the poor

  • Pastoral care for the poor

  • Scholarship program for disadvantaged children


Jacob & Amanda Marchlewski

Instruments of Change International, Inc & Parto con Confianza

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

To impact the nation of Honduras with the power of the gospel while meeting tangible needs related to education, skills, and community development

  • Instruments of Change = Using education, discipleship, and community development as a way of building relationships with the goal of drawing people to the One who can fulfill every true need, Jesus Christ

  • Parto con Confianza = Prenatal, childbirth, and lactation education and counseling, and doula services


Jacob & Jennifer Rose

The Lamb Institute

San Buenaventura, Francisco Morazan

  • Jacob= Agricultural Project Leader 

  • Jennifer= Bilingual Teacher


Janet Ennis

Heavenly Cuts

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan

Bless others by providing beauty classes and haircuts along with other ministering activities

  • Beauty classes

  • Free haircuts and colors

  • Church camps


Jared & Mollie Pounds

Wellspring of Life Honduras

San Manuel, Cortes

Educating and equipping those in the San Manuel region with the love of God

  • Livestock Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Wellspring of Life Honduras


Joel & Kellie Weed

Cultivate Life


To strengthen families and communities by cultivating physical and spiritual growth through nutrition, education, and discipleship

  • Serve pregnant women through maternal health education classes, doula support during labor and postpartum and lactation services. 

  • Serve through a church in El Rincon by working with the Pastors and being involved in the community in various ways.

  • Serve alongside Escuela Especial in Siguatepeque in many different ways through encouragement and meeting a variety of needs.


John Zeller

Inversiones y Proyectos Misión El Paraíso S.A. DE C.V

La Esperanza, El Paraiso

Provide economic opportunities for Christian families from El Paraiso in order to develop a strong, viable Christian community that becomes financially self-sustaining that provides good homes, jobs and a healthy environment to raise children

  • Own & operate a 200 manzana farm in El Paraiso growing mostly coffee along with bananas, plaintains, and livestock

  • Emphasis on skills development, education, and work opportunities


Jose Hernandez & Heather Farrell

Enliven (Commission To Every Nation)

La Union, Lempira

Equipping God’s people to grow and serve

  • Community medical clinic Aviva

  • Community development projects and leading group trips with Aldea Development 

  • Serve and support Vida Abundante Church & Bible Studies

  • Violin/guitar/music lessons for students 

  • Home visits and healthcare ministry


Katharine Marrow

99 Farmers

Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Reduce poverty by empowering farmers to impact their communities and to see flourishing farmers create multi-generational legacies of transformation

  • Farm Technical Training

  • Discipleship

  • Community Development


Matt & Ellen Zell

Equip International

La Paz, La Paz

To see and proclaim Jesus in everything, because for from Him and through Him and to Him all things were created

  • Biblical discipleship hand in hand with practical helps


Michael & Alli Hines

Transform Honduras

La Ceiba, Atlantida

Transform Honduras one family and one community at a time

  • Community infrastructure and mediation


Nathan & Kathy Brown

Cultivate Honduras

Valle de Angeles, Francisco Morazan

Restoring the land and raising up the sons and daughters of God

  • Agricultural work

  • Mentoring

  • Intercession

  • Worship

  • Accountability for pastors


Robert Esposito & Wendy Sarahi Bernardez Esposito

Commission Encounter Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan

To serve, love and reach all people for Christ

  • Host camps for all ages

  • Medical clinics

  • School outreach

  • Church planting

  • Women's prison activities


Walker Somerville & Seiny Rios de Jesus

Central American Ministry Outreach / El Camino Retreat Center

San Francisco de Yojoa, Cortes

Help others with their daily walk with Jesus

  • Church plant

  • House construction

  • Sunday school

  • Weekly bible studies

  • Assistance to other ministries


William Machen Jr

Trujillo Mission Project

Trujillo, Colon

To share the hope of Christ in simple and practical ways by serving the under-resourced families of Trujillo

  • Help with construction based projects

  • Starting an aquaponics garden for the community

  • Feeding the elderly

  • Teaching growing techniques