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Adria Stamm & Job Gamez

God Makes It Grow | Siguatepeque

To raise up followers of Christ through evangelism and discipleship relationships

  • Sustainable agriculture training

  • Water well repairs 

  • Water filter distributions

  • Youth programs 

  • Radio ministry



Amy & Bayron Velasquez-Allen

Healing Place Church- Honduras | La Ceiba

  • Microenterprise projects with youth in the community in partnership with Healing Place Church


Anthony & Joanna Reese

VillageMade Inc. | Siguatepeque

Show the love of Jesus Christ by aiming to break the poverty cycle for the people of Honduras

  • Offering general education and financial literacy classes for adults in Central America

  • Providing opportunities for women in Central America to reach their full potential through learning and the power of work

  • Advocating for children in Central America to enroll and attend school

  • Improving the quality of life for people in Central America through humanitarian assistance and religious programs



Billy & Michelle Chrzan

Crimson Outreach | San Marcos

Reaching Out to Those Reaching Up

  • Installation and training for aquaponics systems to grow produce for orphanages, schools, churches, and communities


Brandon & Wendy Rose

United Grounds | San Luis Planes

Building relationships and making connections to share the Gospel

  • Building projects at the school and community medical center

  • Education classes and preventative medicine

Website | Facebook


Chad Sledge & Isa Espinal

Central American Ministry Outreach | Rio Lindo

To improve the quality of the personal, community, and spiritual life in impoverished Central American communities

  • Home building and improvement

  • Infrastructure improvement

  • Disaster relief and recovery

  • Technical Education

Website | Facebook


Christoph & Nina Hochenburger

Family Hochenburger / Gracias a Dios

Help practically to show God's love in La Mosquitia and share the Good News by doing so

  • Lead men’s & women’s Bible studies and children’s Sunday schools

  • Provide food in times of famine but find ways for self-sustaining planting and more variety

  • Provide water filters

  • Organize medical brigades/mobile clinics in villages

  • Support education



Christopher & Heather Meatyard

Commision To Every Nation | Siguatepeque

  • Doula

  • Water wells


David Ledwitz

Ministry activities


Jack Melvin

Ministry of Presence | Tegucigalpa

To build God's house

  • Build schools, churches, and clinics in order to serve the poor

  • Pastoral care for the poor

  • Scholarship program for disadvantaged children


Jacob & Amanda Marchlewski

Instruments of Change International, Inc & Parto con Confianza | Siguatepeque

To impact the nation of Honduras with the power of the gospel while meeting tangible needs related to education, skills, and community development

  • Instruments of Change = Using education, discipleship, and community development as a way of building relationships with the goal of drawing people to the One who can fulfill every true need, Jesus Christ

  • Parto con Confianza = Prenatal, childbirth, and lactation education and counseling, and doula services



Jacob & Jennifer Rose

The Lamb Institute | Santa Ana

  • Jacob= Agricultural Project Leader 

  • Jennifer= Bilingual Teacher


Janet Ennis

Heavenly Cuts | Tegucigalpa

Bless others by providing beauty classes and haircuts along with other ministering activities

  • Beauty classes

  • Free haircuts and colors

  • Church camps


Jared & Mollie Pounds

Wellspring of Life Honduras | San Manuel

Educating and equipping those in the San Manuel region with the love of God 

  • Livestock Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Wellspring of Life Honduras

Website | Facebook


Joel & Kellie Weed

Cultivate Life | Siguatepeque

To strengthen families and communities by cultivating physical and spiritual growth through nutrition, education, and discipleship

  • Serve pregnant women through maternal health education classes, doula support during labor and postpartum, and lactation services. 

  • Serve through a church in El Rincon by working with the Pastors and being involved in the community in various ways.

  • Serve alongside Escuela Especial in Siguatepeque in many different ways through encouragement and meeting a variety of needs.

Blog | Facebook


John Zeller

Inversiones y Proyectos Misión El Paraíso S.A. DE C.V | La Esperanza

 Provide economic opportunities for Christian families from El Paraiso in order to develop a strong, viable Christian community that becomes financially self-sustaining that provides good homes, jobs, and a healthy environment to raise children

  • Own & operate a 200 manzana farm in El Paraiso growing mostly coffee along with bananas, plantains, and livestock

  • Emphasis on skills development, education, and work opportunities


Jose Hernandez & Heather Farrell

Enliven (Commission To Every Nation) | La Union

Equipping God’s people to grow and serve

  • Community medical clinic Aviva

  • Community development projects and leading group trips with Aldea Development 

  • Serve and support Vida Abundante Church & Bible Studies

  • Violin/guitar/music lessons for students 

  • Home visits and healthcare ministry


Katharine Marrow

99 Farmers | Siguatepeque

Reduce poverty by empowering farmers to impact their communities and to see flourishing farmers create multi-generational legacies of transformation

  • Farm Technical Training

  • Discipleship

  • Community Development


Matt & Ellen Zell

Equip International | La Paz

To see and proclaim Jesus in everything, because for from Him and through Him and to Him all things were created

  • Biblical discipleship hand in hand with practical help


Michael & Alli Hines

Transform Honduras | La Ceiba

Transform Honduras one family and one community at a time

  • Community infrastructure and mediation

Website | Donate | Facebook


Nathan & Kathy Brown

Cultivate Honduras | Valle de Angeles

Restoring the land and raising up the sons and daughters of God

  • Agricultural work

  • Mentoring

  • Intercession

  • Worship

  • Accountability for pastors

Facebook  | Website


Robert Esposito & Wendy Sarahi Bernardez Esposito

Commission Encounter Honduras  | Tegucigalpa

To serve, love and reach all people for Christ

  • Host camps for all ages

  • Medical clinics

  • School outreach

  • Church planting

  • Women's prison activities


Walker Somerville & Seiny Rios de Jesus

Central American Ministry Outreach / El Camino Retreat Center | San Francisco de Yojoa

Help others with their daily walk with Jesus

  • Church plant

  • House construction

  • Sunday school

  • Weekly bible studies

  • Assistance to other ministries

Website | Facebook


William Machen Jr

Trujillo Mission Project | Trujillo

 To share the hope of Christ in simple and practical ways by serving the under-resourced families of Trujillo

  • Help with construction based projects

  • Starting an aquaponics garden for the community

  • Feeding the elderly

  • Teaching growing techniques

Website | Facebook | Donate

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