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Child, Youth,
& Family


AJ Ford

Mission on the Move | Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Called by God to go and serve vulnerable children believing the love of Christ brings hope, transforms lives, & strengthens communities

  • Follow four pillars of ministry: discipleship, education, nutrition, and family through an after-school education program and Oaks of Righteousness Children’s Home


Brenda Johns

Children's Bible Ministries | Siguatepeque

  • Partnering with a local outreach center (outreach events, school Bible studies, women's ministry)

Website | Facebook


Byeongsoo (Santiago) Kim

Honduras Central Korean Church | San Pedro Sula 

  • Supporting the students and local churches in Santa Barbara


Charles & Joyce Harper

Jeremiah Missions | Caracol

Dedicated to the spiritual growth and discipleship of those whom God places in our mission, both Hondurans and visiting workers

  • An educational program that includes all ages (pre-kinder through senior year college students)

  • Feeding program


Clare Norvet Pineda

Fundación Proniño | El Progresso

Dedicated to providing hope and healing through quality mental health resources

  • Support staff for Fundación Proniño in the areas of education, behavioral and emotional support


Cynthia Stephan

Casa Esperanza | Comayagua

To empower young women through education and ministry to make a difference in Honduras

  • Home for young women, providing them with ministry and vocational opportunities, as well as a high school and/or college education that they otherwise could not afford

Website | Donate | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Daryl Smithgall

Footsteps Missions | Santa Barbara

Holistically serve the forgotten, the orphaned and the unjustly-treated people of the world by meeting their real needs in the hopes of fostering people of character and children of God

  • Provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care for needy children

  • Run Job Training Skills Center for older children

  • Outreach in the community

  • Children's camps


David & Aida Anderson

One Family At A Time Ministry | Roatan

Give hope for a future that seems hopeless

  • Counseling

  • Bible study

  • Food and clothing for families


David & Maria Foster

Buena Vista Sports Academy | Travesia

Mold boys into young men that will lead their future families, and entire communities, in a new direction – towards following Jesus, loving and providing for their families, and serving one another

  • Use highly competitive sports programs and intense training as the primary means to engage and provide opportunities, while giving a daily example of men who are following Jesus, who love and respect their wives and children, and who display integrity, discipline, and value.

Website | Donate


David & Scarleth Jones

Hope at Hand | Valle de Angeles

Reaching out with the radical love of Jesus Christ to the children and families of Latin America to train up leaders with the purpose of transforming nations and establishing the kingdom on earth

  • Public school feeding program

  • Child discipleship

  • Youth education development

  • Hosting teams



David Trawick

Light in the Darkness Ministries | Roatan

Reaching children, youth, and families with the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.

  • Kid’s Hour Church For Children

  • Lighthouse of Hope Church

  • Soldiers of The Cross Youth

  • Public School Ministry

  • Kid's Kitchen of Hope



Ed & Valerie Schubert

Fundacion Casa de Luz | Zambrano

Serving at-risk children in two marginalized neighborhoods within Honduras

  • Provision of quality child care for poor working families

  • Preschool and kindergarten education

  • Food distribution

  • Practical need meeting through cement floors and roofing

  • Child evangelism and discipleship

  • Parenting Classes

  • Christian psychological services

  • Community outreach

  • Leadership Training

  • CPR & First Aid Training

  • Teen Mentorship Program



Emily Brown

Breathroughs On A Mission | Tegucigalpa

Helping children and families physically, spiritually, and emotionally

  • Outreach programs such as bolsas solidarias, kid's backpacks, and water filters

  • Creating a children's program as a support to a local public school where they will receive tutoring, counseling, and Bible lessons

Website | Facebook


Gary & Celia Goodwin

Gospel Associates | Tegucigalpa

Service and support to A.I.M. and Bread for the Bight through prayer, resources, and financial giving

  • Homeschooling, love, and support for the children of AIM

  • Community support for other missionaries



Harlan & Janelle Horst

El Camino Adelante | Valle de Angeles & Tegucigalpa

Transitioning young adults from institutions to independent lives

  • Teaching and giving oversight in budgeting and finding housing, jobs, educational opportunities, and spiritual homes



Heath Dooley

Commission to Every Nation  (CTEN) / The Garden Mission | Siguatepeque

  • Serve food and preach the gospel to the youth 

  • Help build a new youth building



Heather Braden de Maradiaga & Rigoberto Maradiaga

MomCo | San Pedro Sula

Encouraging and equiping moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church

  • Country Coordinator for Honduras

Website | Facebook | Facebook


Jaleesa Henderson

Ministerio Faro de Luz, Inc. / Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.  | Siguatepeque

Reaching out to the lost souls around us and spreading Christ's light in the darkness

  • Teacher at a bilingual Christian school

Website | Facebook


James & Barbara Costello

Jardin de Angeles Centro de Familia | Comayagua

Share the gospel through community center outreach programs

  • Daycare, parent support groups, young moms program,  and food needs



Jamie Sorensen

Loving Honduran Kids | Valle de Angeles

To show all of God's children His great love for them

  • Future children’s home

  • Distributing clothes, shoes, food & hygienic items to those in need

  • Providing school supplies & uniforms for children

  • Home for women (18+) coming out of children's homes



Jason Stringer

Buena Vista Sports Academy Honduras | Puerto Cortes

Seeking to break generational cycles of poverty, neglect, and abandonment by raising up young men who will know Christ and change their community

  • Soccer program

  • Education

  • Discipleship

  • Mentorship



Jenny & Aben Claros

Give Hope to Honduras | Tegucigalpa

To equip, mentor, and evangelize 'at-risk' children and youth through tailored and culturally relevant programs

  • School for kids that are behind in school/have never been to school (K-6th grade)

  • Feeding program at the trash dump

  • Evangelism in public high schools

Website | Donate


Jessie Harshbarger

Assembly of God World Missions | Tegucigalpa

To reach the next generation for Jesus

Website | Facebook | Facebook


Jillian & Jason Nunez

Iglesia Bautista Independiente | Siguatepeque

Showing people the Love of God as the Lord gives opportunities

  • Teaching weekly Bible clubs

  • Teach and encourage area teen girls

  • Helping with  day to day activities in the communities as needs arise


Jonathan & Kimberly Hall

Love Lempira | Gracias

Supporting the work of Honduran churches, Pastors, and missionaries as they carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by making disciples in their communities (Matthew 28:19-20)

  • Manna Discipleship Program: child sponsorship program that churches use for outreach, evangelism, and discipleship

Website | Facebook


Joshua & Kahla Hale

Beacon of Hope Ministries  | Siguatepeque

Educating, caring for, ministering and mentoring the youth, neglected and anyone else receptive of hearing the Gospel

  • Working in connection with Light In the Darkness Ministries & Pastor David Trawick, assisting in ministry to local Spanish children, youth, and adults, ministry to the English speaking community, and assisting in record keeping



Joy Ruffner

House of Hope International /  Ministerio Mujeres de Esperanza Honduras | San Pedro Sula

To equip women and children who have decided to follow Christ by giving them opportunities to be transformed spiritually, personally, economically, and socially.

  • Children's director

  • Short-term team coordinator

  • Manage sponsorship program correspondence

  • Weekly bible studies with the children

  • Future goal:  home for abandoned children

Website | Facebook


Katharine Marrow


  • Early stimulation groups for both the local community and missionary children

  • Foster care

  • Bible studies for mums of littles


Kathy Mizen

Schools of Hope | Tegucigalpa

Bringing the hope of Jesus to children, families, and communities through the ministry of Schools of Hope

  • Evangelism in public schools 

  • Child sponsorship & tutoring program 

  • In-school feeding programs 

  • Water filtration  

  • Community Development projects

Website | Blog | Facebook


Katlyn McConnell

Finding Hope | El Porvenir

Inspiring and empowering families to brighter futures through sharing the Word of God, building meaningful relationships, and living a life of unconditional compassion for one another

  • Child care & foster care

  • Feeding center

  • Trade classes for women

  • Building a children's home

Website | Donate | Etsy | Instagram


Kim Hodgkiss

Mision Verdad y Vida | Trujillo

Equipping and Empowering Teenage Girls with Entrepreneurial Skills and Christian Values

  • Director for a residential training center, which provides vocational training (sewing, cooking, computers, business, English), in addition to Bible training and Christian values, for teenage girls whose families cannot afford education beyond the 6th grade. 

Website | Facebook


Laura Baxter

Joanna Ministries, Inc. | Tegucigalpa

Using the resources I have been given to help support and encourage other missionaries in both their personal lives and ministries

  • Director of MK Care with HFMM

  • Mentoring teens and college-aged MKs

  • Maintaining connections with MKs no longer in Honduras

  • Yearly camp for teen MKs


Luis & Jennifer Olsen-Padilla

One Day Revival Ministry | Ciudad Espana

Working with young people in the streets who are at-risk for drug abuse and gang influence

  • Coffee shop/community center to minister to youth

  • Street ministry working with local youth and gang members

  • Working with young, single mothers

  • Education program

  • Transition home

Website | Donate | Facebook


Mikayla & Josue Lopez

Buffalo Dream Center / Project Hope | Tegucigalpa

Restoring people, rebuilding dreams, and reclaiming the world

  • Children’s and Youth ministry

  • Overseeing feed programs in La Montaña de la Flor

  • Reaching out and feeding people in downtown Tegucigalpa 

  • Prison ministry

Website | Facebook


Mike & Pamela Patton

Faces of Dreams | Tegucigalpa

Providing the real needs of the child while protecting the dignity of the parent

  • Child sponsorship program

  • Devotional program

  • Feeding centers

  • Ministry Institute

  • Construction projects



Molly Hornsby

Future of Hope Family Ministry | Tegucigalpa

Walking alongside the forgotten and abandoned as they journey towards hope and wholeness in Jesus' name

  • Education sponsorship for kids K-12

  • Regular home visits to provide accountability, encouragement, prayer, and evangelism

  • Organizing regular community events and "club" meetings for sponsored children and families

  • Collaborating with locals to provide free community sports teams, tutoring programs, and counseling

Website | Instagram


Naomi & Fernando Avila

Midway Ministries | Comayagua

Bringing a tangible hope to the children of Honduras

  • Offering children from impoverished rural communities the opportunity of a free education

  • Reaching at-risk youth with the message of hope and love so that they can have a true encounter with Jesus

Website | Facebook | Donate | Instagram 


Nicolena & Eric Lopez

Identity Mission | Siguatepeque

To see a nation where every child has the opportunity to develop their identity in Christ within a loving family

  • Foster care and family preservation program

Website | Facebook


Patricia Durner

Rak Chazak Amats | Roatan

  • Work with women in Bible Studies

  • Women's Conferences



Rachel & Wilman Martinez

Heart4Honduras | Choluteca

To see the youth of Honduras trust Christ as their Savior, grow in His grace, and become the next generation of missionaries, pastors, and teachers to reach the rest of the World with the Gospel

  • Teaching at a private Christian school



Rachel Roberts

Santa Rosa de Copan

Being a manifestation of God’s love for the “least of these” by supporting, working in the best interest of, and advocating on behalf of the vulnerable children of Honduras

  • Foster parent and social worker



Ralph & Aleda Gilmore

Give2GiveHope | Puerto Cortes

To make Jesus known and glorified

  • Coordinating a monthly food distribution

  • Paying for school for some sponsored children

  • Connecting with families to determine spiritual and physical needs

  • Teaching children about Jesus

  • Coordinating short-term teams

Website | Donate | Facebook


Ron & Shelley Jones

Hope for Honduras | Comayaguela

Develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

  • Hope Academy

  • Hope Consultorio (wellness programs with 2 doctors)

  • Hope Feeding Program (feeding breakfast to 600 children in the streets)

  • Iglesia de Vida y Esperanza

  • Hope Bible Institute (program to train pastors and their leaders for church planting and discipleship)

Website | Facebook


Ronny & Keren Cruz-Burdick

Un Plato de Comida para los Niños de la Calle | Tela

Working with children in the streets in order to carry the Word of God to all the communities of Honduras

  • Feeding programs

  • Assisting families in need

  • Bible studies

  • Bible distribution

  • Teacher Training for Sunday School teachers and children's ministry workers



Sara Eytcheson Alvarado & Francisco Alvarado

ElmTree Ministries | Comayagua

Bring the Gospel to the community in fun and unique ways

  • Operates and runs a community center for the children in La Canadá to provide them with a safe and loving place where they can learn and grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually

Donate Facebook


Stephen & Erica Switzer

Embraced International / Acogidos | San Pedro Sula

Surrounding vulnerable children and families with support, solutions, and opportunities to help them find their individual success

  • Programs- reintegrations, family preservation

Website | Facebook


Steve & Lindsey Poulson

Church Mission Society / Proyecto Alas | Tegucigalpa

To work with street-connected and vulnerable children and young people in the Tegucigalpa area and empower local people to engage in God’s call on their lives

  • Mentoring & creating safe spaces for at-risk children and young people to grow, alongside supporting local project development and helping them establish small businesses to create sustainability

Website | Facebook


Steven Ball

Unión Bíblica de Honduras | Siguatepeque

Reach out to and share the message of the Bible to children and young people in primary schools

  • Sharing the Bible and God's love for the children and their families, through class lessons, demonstrating and explaining Christian values

  • Sunday School outreach programs and children's and youth group events at Iglesia Sala Evangelica

  • Partnering with Prodim Betel, part of Iglesia Betel, which serves children from very poor homes, by giving extra support with their education, Christian education, homework, school supplies, and hot lunches

  • Give English classes in primary schools on request

Facebook Website


Taylor & Tabitha Henry

Hope In The Darkness Ministries  | Roatan

To change the world for Jesus one child at a time

  • Children's church

  • Public school ministry

  • Girl's Club

  • Boy's Club



Tim & Jody Preston

House Of Today Ministries, Inc.  | San Marco De Colon

  • Church facilities and youth programs

  • Children's discipleship program

  • Building and construction programs

  • Feeding the elderly

Website | Facebook


Troy Capps

Extra Mile Missions  | Gracias

Go the extra mile to care for and provide assistance to children and families living in some of the most impoverished communities on earth

  • Food distribution and Sunday School in local churches in Canoa, San Jose, and Guanteque

  • Transportation for school and physical therapy

  • Building provisions for church expansions and communities

  • Host teams for backpack distribution, vbs, dental checks, and medical exams



Young Kab & Mi Sook Kweon

Cokoa Mission Inc | Progreso

Spreading the Gospel with Taekwondo to students to teach them to be leaders in the world

  • Taekwondo class

  • Korean class

  • Bible study

  • Mission group

  • Pastors education

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