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Complete the steps to renew your membership:


confirm your profile on the Hfmm website

  • Check the email that you received to renew your HFMM Membership.  Look for a dark blue box with your MINISTRY PROFILE LINK.

  • Click on the MINISTRY PROFILE LINK and open it in another browser window.  Find your ministry profile and check to see if all of the information is up-to-date. 

  • Make a note of any changes that need to be made. You'll need this information for Step #2!

Don't forget to read carefully and complete every step, in order! Also, keep this page open to come back to after completing each step.

Complete the annual update survey

  • Click here to complete the annual Member Update Survey. 

  • When you finish you will receive an email confirmation.  Please keep this email until we have confirmed that you have completed the entire Membership Renewal process.


update your profile picture

Is your picture on your MINISTRY PROFILE out-of-date? If you'd like, go ahead and send a newer one to! We ask that all pictures are good quality and in landscape (horizontal).  

Join the HFMM Facebook Groups

Are you already a part of the HFMM Facebook groups?  If not, click HERE to see a list of the ones we have available!

have you completed all the steps?

If so, you're done! If not, make sure all are completed no later than Wednesday, January 10th @ 6 pm (Honduras time). There will be a late fee charged for those who do not complete the membership renewal process on time. 

If you have any questions, or know that you will be unable to complete your membership renewal on time, please send an email right away to

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