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Support Staff


Audrey & Sebastian Euceda

Fundacion Gran Comision | San Pedro Sula

Helping our neighbor in need leaving in them and their community the testimony of Jesus Christ’s love through community development and heart transformation with projects and programs

  • Serving as Communication Coordinator = newsletters, social media, video updates, connections, and building relationships with both Honduran and North Americans

  • Fundraising

  • Helping host and plan mission trips


Bill & Melissa Guzman

Roatan Mission Fellowship | Roatan

Disciple and train locals to teach skills to better support themselves and their families

  • Vocational training

Website | Facebook


Donnie & Dana Anderson

Christian Relief Fund | Campamento

Breaking the cycle of poverty one child at a time

  • Administration, development, goal setting

Website | Facebook


Elizabeth & Jose Lopez

Nueva Esperanza | Tegucigalpa

Help keep families who are in poverty together by providing a safe place for children to learn and grow while giving caregivers the time needed to work and provide for their families at home

  • Communications with child sponsors

  • Kindergarten tutor

  • Supporting teacher growth and development


Enya Bancroft Williams

Niños de Macuelizo | San Isidro

Being trustworthy beacons for community development by providing opportunities for children and youth

  • Community library and resource building for tutoring public school students, sewing classes, baking classes, art classes, and English language classes

  • Visiting and prayer ministry

  • House at-risk young ladies and help them find work

  • First aid services


Hee Ju Ling

Ministerio Pasos | Tegucigalpa

  • Volunteering with camps and other events for disabled children

  • Volunteer teaching English classes at local school


Isaac & Nissi Parrett

Honduras Ministries | Choluteca

Seeing communities transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and breaking the bonds of poverty and oppression that are prevalent in these communities

  • Serving as a liaison visiting villages and monitoring a Child Enrichment Sponsor Program

Website | Facebook


Jeanette Lang

The Seaside Sanctuary | El Porvenir

  • Helper


Jerry & Kathleen Jones

Bethesda Home for Boys | Balfate

Rescue young men/boys from the streets, gangs, and extreme poverty situations. and provide a Christian home environment, education, and nurturing in order to become role models and Christian leaders

  • Chief Financial Officer

Website | Facebook


Kim Cassinelli

Ministerio Faro de Luz Honduras | Comayagua

  • English teacher at the Ministerio el Faro de Luz school for the poor and special needs children

  • Lives and works with young teenage girls and troubled unwed monthers at a Care Center

  • Author and contributing editor of Christian growth books in Spanish and English

Website | Facebook


Kyle & Melodee Webb

Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries & Ministries and CCI Fellowship | Tegucigalpa

To guide, support, and inspire others in God's call on their lives

  • Director of Communications & Website Development for Honduran Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries

Website | Donate


Laura Ross

Armor of Hope Ministries, Inc. | Villanueva

Alleviate human suffering in impoverished areas through sustainable, faith-based development

  • Church Planting and leadership training

  • Care for elderly adults who lack family to care for them at our Casa de Paz

  • Village clinic that provides primary health care for 8 villages

  • Emergency medical transportation/emergency response team

  • Education Center & Library that promotes learning outside of the school classroom setting

Website | Facebook


Mackenzie & Dino Herrera

Healing Honduras | Roatan

Healing the Whole Person, Healing the Whole Island

  • Healing the body: By meeting essential medical needs through diagnostics and education

  • Healing the soul: By sharing the good news of Jesus and supporting local communities of worship

  • Healing the community: By helping to develop the skills necessary for sustainable development

Website | Facebook


Mark & Gaby Wolfe

Spanish Institute of Honduras  | Siguatepeque

Teach. Prepare. Support. Encourage. Experience.

  • Administrators of the Spanish Institute of Honduras, a language school that trains  incoming missionaries in the Spanish language and Latin American culture

Facebook | Website | Website


Matthew & Kristie Martin

Richard Cardwell Ministries | Tegucigalpa

Reach | Serve | Teach

  • Curriculum creation

  • Fundraising

  • Mentorship for several pastoral, leaders and ministers within the four corners of Honduras

  • Support and partnership with several church-associated orphanages

  • Homeless (food/shelter) ministries

Website | Facebook


Misael & Jessica Guinn Luque

In the Midst Ministries | Talanga

To evangelize and disciple the people of Honduras by living life in the midst of them

  • Church planting

  • Evangelism

  • Discipleship

  • Children's Feeding Program

  • House Builds

  • Aiding couples financially and spiritually in establishing a legal, Biblical marriage


Morgan Ring

Nueva Esperanza | Tegucigalpa

Seeking to affect permanent change in the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical lives of poor children living in Honduras

  • Partnership Development Coordinator



Robert & Evelyn Shea

Church of the Nazarene | Tegucigalpa

  • Coordinate Construction, Ministry & Medical teams into Honduras through the Church of the Nazarene


Sarah Guiles

Blossom Creek/ Asociación Ministerio Base Bíblica Honduras | Siguatepeque

To grow in Christ, pursuing him as my most precious Savior and Lord, and to personally walk alongside others to help them find and pursue Him too, to the glory of God and His Kingdom

  • Organizing short-team onboarding and trips

  • Managing the website & social media

  • Developing small groups

  • Participating in the facilitation of the adult literacy program

  • assisting with homeschool co-op operations

  • Working with local potters

Website | Facebook


Thaddeus & Bessy Boyer

Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. | Comayagua

Helping people grow spiritually and have a deep walk with the Lord

  • Providing basic needs for families as a means of sharing the gospel with them



Trenton Winkler

Project Hope | Santa Rita

To train fellow believers on how to effectively conduct ministry in this modern world for the local church context

  • Supporting the work of those directly sharing the gospel, adding to the church, and training fellow believers through IT support, audio/visual media, PE teacher (for Hope Christian Academy), and general assistance for the Pastor and other church staff



Wade & Etna Hampton

HIM Ministries | Intibuca

Consulting, counseling/coaching, and mediation, as well as pastoral theological training

  • Provide counseling and assistance to missionaries and law enforcement in Honduras and around the world.

Website | Website | Facebook


Wes & Cecilia Walker

Walker Ministries | Villanueva

Offer time, talents, and giftings to local churches, ministries, and orphanages


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